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Its purpose is to provide
basic information about
how, as a gynaecological
oncologist, I can help you.

‘Gynaecological oncologist’ sounds very wordy, but I’m a specialist who helps with a range of pre-cancerous and cancerous problems affecting women’s reproductive systems. Some of my patients will require surgery, but not necessarily. I actually perform surgery on non-cancerous conditions as well and advise women with a variety of gynaecological issues.

I find many women prefer to deal with a woman specialist, as understanding about our female bodies comes naturally to us!

I enjoy my work, which is challenging, requires precision, knowledge and demands that I be a good listener.

When women are well-informed, they may seek medical treatment earlier. This makes for far less stress overall, and over time should save lives. And knowledge about ourselves makes us more powerful and self-assured.

This site and its links should introduce you to what I do and help you to become better informed about your body.


Dr Ai Ling Tan


About Dr Tan

Dr. Ai Ling Tan is an experienced gynaecological oncologist specializing in the surgical treatment of gynaecological cancers, pre-cancers and some non-cancerous gynaecological conditions.

Ai Ling initially trained in Australia, then completed her obstetrics and gynaecology specialist training at the National Women’s Hospital in Auckland and Brighton Hospital in the United Kingdom. She underwent formal subspecialty training in Gynaecological Oncology in Sydney and Melbourne to obtain a certificate in gynaecological oncology (CGO).

Since 1994 Ai Ling has worked as a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and since 2002 as a gynaecological oncologist at the Auckland District Health Board.

Ai Ling also works in private as a Gynaecological Oncologist at Ascot Central Women’s Clinic and operates at Ascot Hospital though she is also accredited to operate in Southern Cross hospitals.

Ai Ling was on the board of the New Zealand Gynaecological Foundation for the past 10 years (until late 2016), helping communicate to women about gynaecological cancers.

Ai ling is passionate about helping women locally and overseas, and has recently accepted the role of Chairwoman on behalf of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society to implement a new Gynaecological Oncology training program for Doctors from smaller nations of the Pacific.


I Provide

As a Gynaecological Oncologist, I see and manage many women with gynaecological cancers including those with pelvic masses that are suspicious of cancer and women who need complex gynaecological surgery. I am also very happy to manage women who are at a higher risk of cancer due to gene mutations or family history and offer them risk- reducing surgery. Some surgical procedures can be done through a key-hole approach whilst others need an open approach.My other areas of interest include colposcopy, and vulvoscopy – for abnormal smears, pre cancerous lesions of the vulva and vagina. Many vulva conditions are non cancerous and can be treated with medication.

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To make an appointment, telephone the following number. But don’t forget to see your GP and bring your test results.

Ascot Central Women’s Clinic
Level 1 Ascot Central
7 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive
Remuera 1051 Auckland
Tel: +64 9 520 9361
Fax: +64 9 520 9362
Email: info@drtan.co.nz